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When leading an active lifestyle, there is always a chance for an injury. Anyone who has taken a spill before can tell you that the first instinct is to try to catch yourself. Some of the time, we aren’t quite quick enough and end up getting a finger caught beneath our body weight. A hand fracture can occur to the smaller bones in the fingers, known as the phalanges, or the longer bones in the finger and hand, known as the metacarpals. In addition to falls, crush injuries are another leading cause of hand fractures. Having a heavy item fall on a finger, closing a car door on a hand, or getting stepped on during contact sports have all been causes that NJOI has seen in patients that we’ve treated for a hand fracture.

Causes of Hand Fracture

Falling onto an outstretched hand in an effort to catch your self during a fall is the most common way that patients sustain a fracture in the hand. Many times, we may be able to catch ourselves, but if the landing awkwardly places stress on a specific bone, it can cause a fracture. Many athletes suffer from hand fractures caused by falls, as well as from crushing injuries. A football helmet hitting a hand, or a basketball player getting their hand stepped on after a fall are both very common occurrences that cause hand fractures.

Symptoms of a Hand Fracture

Those have a broken hand will experience severe pain that tends to increase when a gripping or squeezing action is performed. Immediately following the injury, swelling, tenderness, bruising, and numbness may all occur. In more severe fractures, a noticeable deformity like a crooked finger may occur.

Hand Fracture Treatment in New Jersey

In most fracture instances, the bones can be realigned and reset by manual manipulation. A cast, splint, or brace is used to hold the bones in place while they heal. Casts for a hand fracture will usually run from the fingertips to just below the elbow, in an effort to keep all bones immobilized in the area to allow for proper healing. Following setting the bone and initial casting, NJOI will perform a second set of X-rays one to two weeks later, to ensure that bone growth is occurring in the proper positions. The cast will remain in place for three to six weeks. Once removed, NJOI will recommend a series of gentle exercises to help the hand and fingers regain mobility. When a fracture of the hand requires surgery, it usually means there is significantly more damage to the bone than just a simple break. In cases where the bone impacts through the skin, or is broken due to a crushing accident, wires, screws, or plates may be used to hold the broken pieces of bone in place while they heal. Depending on how the hand or finger heals, the implants may be removed or left in place. Once healing is complete, a series of physical therapy exercises will be recommended to restore strength and range of motion.

Fractures in the hand may seem like something that will have you out of commission for a long period of time, but with NJOI, that’s not the case! Most patients who come to NJOI with a fracture in their hand are healed and able to return to normal activities within 6 weeks or less. If you take a spill, are in an accident, or have something happen that may lead you to believe you fractured a bone in your hand, NJOI can help. Come visit NJOI and our talented team or orthopedic doctors and staff at one of our five locations throughout North and Central New Jersey. NJOI’s offices can be found in Bridgewater, Butler, Wayne, Morristown, and Clifton. Call us today at 973-273-3431 to schedule an appointment today!

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