When science and medicine are pushed to their boundaries, new advancements in the medical field allow surgeons to perform difficult procedures more effortlessly than ever before. MAKOplasty is an innovative new total hip replacement procedure that utilizes a surgeon-controlled robotic arm system.  MAKOplasty can be used to treat patients suffering with degenerative joint disease, both inflammatory and non-inflammatory, as well as to assist surgeons in achieving new heights in producing a method of hip surgery with the utmost precision.

Your Hip’s Ball and Socket Joint

The hip’s ball-and-socket joint, when affected by degenerative joint disease, can very quickly wear through the cartilage within the joint and begin to rub on the bone. This bone-on-bone rubbing is what causes the severe pain and discomfort that most hip replacement candidates experience. In some cases, a hip implant may be constructed to recreate a smooth surface that the cartilage once provided, allowing the head of the femur to move about within the joint without rubbing on the hip bone. Total hip replacement requires the surgeon to remove the diseased bone in the hip and replace it with a cup and liner, and replace the femoral head with a new, artificial, head and stem.

The goal of MAKOplasty and robotic hip replacement is to constantly attain precision, accurate placement, and proper alignment of all components being used during a hip replacement. This accuracy is vital to the health and recovery of the patient and their new hip. MAKOplasty utilizes the RIO Robotic Arm Interactive Orthopedic System, which allows our surgeons to use a 3-D anatomic model based off a CT scan on the patient’s own hip. Utilizing this system, the orthopedic team can pre-plan the entire procedure, as well as receive real time data during the procedure that will alert the surgeon of any adjustments that may be necessary. Research and reports find that hip replacements performed with MAKOplasty are four to six times more accurate in connecting the new hip components. In many hip replacement surgeries done by hand, improperly implanting the components together can cause impingement, implant wear and dislocation.

NJOI wants to help you put a stop to hip pain and discomfort. Our team of orthopedic experts can recommend many methods of treatment for hip pain, and few are more comprehensive and effective than MAKOplasty. To learn more about MAKOplasty, please give us a call at 972-273-3431 to schedule an appointment with one of NJOI’s hip specialists. NJOI has 6 locations conveniently spread across Northern and Central New Jersey. Our offices are located in Bridgewater, Morristown, Butler, Clifton, and Wayne.