Hand Injuries and Treatments in New Jersey

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The hand, a complicated structure comprised of a variety of bones, muscles and ligaments, is vital to our daily activities.

NJ Hand Doctors and Surgeons

These structures of the hand allow a remarkable amount of dexterity and movements on which we continually rely.

Hand, wrist and elbow conditions can result in debilitating pain. At NJOI, our orthopedic experts use the latest technological advancements to treat a wide variety of complex hand and wrist conditions. We always begin with a non-surgical, conservative approach in the care of your hand or upper extremity condition or injury. If after exhausting all non-surgical methods surgery is appropriate for your condition our orthopedic experts will thoroughly discuss the options with you.

Those suffering hand symptoms should not hesitate to book at appointment, since delaying the diagnosis and treatment may result in long-term complications or even a permanent disability.

Common Conditions


Hand specialists offer state-of-the-art treatment for conditions of the hand, fingers, and thumb. Hand treatment is a specialized field that deals with a broad set of conditions, symptoms and procedures. Many of these hand conditions include surrounding structures (i.e. wrist and elbow) and can be treated with non-surgical approaches such as medications, injections, and bracing or splinting; however, when hand surgery is indicated, our experts provide quality care.

Hand Surgeons and Doctors in NJ

The NJ hand specialists at The New Jersey Orthopaedic Institute are experienced in both surgical and non-surgical interventions of hand injuries and conditions including Arthritis, Carpal tunnel syndrome, and many other joint, tendon, and ligament conditions. Contact us today to schedule an appointment. Serving patients in Wayne, Clifton, Butler, Bridgewater, Morristown and surrounding areas in New Jersey.