Dr. Vincent McInerney Part of Team of Specialists in Unique Organization Treating Retired Athletes

Dr. Vincent McInerney is a distinguished member of P.A.S.T. Retired Athletes Medical Resource Group.

This independent medical organization, directed by Board Certified physicians, provides extensive medical, pain management, diagnostic, surgical and behavioral health services directly to retired professional athletes. The physicians, experts in their specialties, donate their time and facilities to those patients without insurance coverage. The integrated care provided includes comprehensive treatment which not only addresses pro athletes’ needs, but helps to decrease their pain and improve quality of life.

When necessary, players are flown into the P.A.S.T. headquarters in Clifton, NJ for a comprehensive evaluation and treatment by the medical team. In addition to the orthopaedic services offered by Dr. McInerney, the medical specialists include Pain Management, Internal Medicine, General Surgery, Neurology, Neurosurgery, Spinal and Chiropractic. The P.A.S.T. medical team also offers services to the general public on a limited basis. For further information, log onto www.pastpain.com

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