Cutting Edge Orthopaedic Trauma Care

NJOI proudly offers orthopaedic trauma care from our fellowship-trained doctors. Our orthopaedic traumatologist specializes in treating adult and pediatric patients with a wide array of traumatic injuries. Our wide range of services and specialties ensures the utmost care for our patients as they recover from their specific orthopaedic trauma.

Traumatologist Specializes in New jersey

The NJOI traumatologist specializes in both adult and pediatric fractures and musculoskeletal injuries. Our vast resources and specialized care allows us to provide advanced treatment options for difficult fractures on areas such as the pelvis, acetabulum, and articular fractures of the hip, knee and ankle.

In addition to the specialized and expert orthopaedic trauma care available at NJOI, we also provide reconstructive options for fractures that fail to heal properly. This may include non-union surgery, deformity correction, and joint replacement including direct anterior approach hip replacement surgery. Our goal is to get trauma patients back to their best health and mobility possible following an orthopaedic trauma.

Orthopaedic Trauma Care in New Jersey

The cutting edge orthopaedic trauma care available at NJOI is focused on getting our pediatric and adult patients back to 100%. Our fellowship-trained traumatologist specializes in assessing and efficiently treating the unique traumatic injuries of patients that come to our facilities. Contact us today to learn more about the orthopaedic trauma care in New Jersey, available at NJOI.