Anterior Approach Hip Replacement

As the medical field continues to evolve, NJOI aims to provide our patients with surgical solutions that will improve outcomes and allow the patient to live a normal life following recovery. One area where advances in surgical techniques has improved by leaps and strides in in treating hip arthritis, especially in patients who require a hip replacement surgery. This minimally-invasive approach to hip replacement is associated with reduced muscle damage and pain, as well as faster post-operative recovery.

Hip Replacement Surgery New Jersey

Traditionally, hip replacement surgery was performed by operating from the side, or lateral, or the rear, or posterior, of the hip. This method would cause a significant disturbance to the joint and connective tissue surrounding the joint, as well as require a large incision ranging from eight to twelve inches in length. Utilizing the anterior approach, surgeons are able to make a much smaller incision on the front of the hip, eliminating the need to detach muscles or tendons to access the hip joint.

Anterior Hip Replacement comes with many benefits. One of the most major benefits is eliminating the damage to major muscles. The front of the hip has fewer muscles, so the surgeon is able to simply work between them, rather than cutting or detaching muscles to perform the procedure and reattaching them upon completion. Because this type of hip replacement procedure avoids cutting muscles, there is a significant reduction in the amount of pain patients deal with following the procedure. A common concern amongst hip replacement patients is that their replacement will dislocate, which can occur following a posterior or lateral hip replacement. Since no muscles or soft tissues are damaged during an anterior hip replacement, the muscles and soft tissues that naturally prevent the hip from dislocating remain intact, lessening the likelihood of a dislocation.

Hip replacement surgery has come a long way over the past few decades, and anterior approach hip replacement has provided countless patients with the pain relief they need, and the ability to continue to live a life they desire. To learn more about anterior approach hip replacement, get in touch with the NJOI staff, who can help you arrange an appointment with one of our talented orthopedic doctors. NJOI has 6 convenient locations throughout North and Central New Jersey. Our offices are located in Wayne, Clifton, Butler, Bridgewater, and Morristown. Give us a call at 973-273-3431 to schedule an appointment today!